The Sky is Not the Limit

I’m just a regular girl living a regular life, doing what works for me.

I piloted the B777, B767, B757, B747, B737, B727, A319 and A320 as an international airline pilot/captain for United Airlines.

I flew for Eastern and Pan Am regionals before that. On my way to becoming an airline pilot, I worked as a flight instructor, charter pilot, freight pilot and aerial sightseeing tour pilot. I’ve flown planes as tiny as a car and widebody aircraft larger than a football field.

Today only 5% of pilots are female, a number essentially unchanged since Amelia Earhart’s era. Of those, less than 1% are Captains. I want to change this. My dream now is to help other young women rock STEM fields!

Published author and First Place winner in the 2020 Pennwriters Conference competition. Happy to do speaking engagements and guest interviews. Just ask!